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I Offer training towards earning the National private pilots license, on fixed wing microlights NPPL(M), also the "Strip skills course"as a CAA Qualified Flight Instructor.
The NPPL flight course is tailored towards you, the student, at your pace/time constraints and finances. We are all individuals, so no two students are the same. However, It is better to get a regular pace going with your training so as not to go over part of your previous lesson when you next fly, as flying is a perishable skill, and you will find that you complete the course in less hours if you fly regularly, which inevitably will make it cheaper.

The course is in general enabling you to fly safely, competently, and give you the skills to deal with emergencies should they rarely arise. This is done by training you to fly the 18 exercises laid out in the British microlight aircraft association (BMAA) handbook, to a competent standard, which enables you to pass the final flight skills test. There are two licences that you can achieve.............The "Restricted NPPL(M)" which allows you to fly the aircraft with a minimum of 15 hours of training, but restricted to an 8 Nautical Miles radius of your takeoff point. You can then build your navigational skills, and when up to standard, have the restriction lifted, which also allows you to now carry a passenger. The standard "Unrestricted"course is a minimum of 25 hours of training, which trains you to fly the aircraft and to navigate your way around the countryside, opening up another world of freedom and adventure as your skills and confidence build. PLEASE NOTE, the minimums quoted in the books are just that, absolute minimums, and are rarely achieved unless you are a teenage Einstein with lightening reactions and devilishly good looking to boot!!The UK average is something like north of 45 hours, as the average age is over 50.

There are also 5 theory exams to sit  Air Law, meteorology, Human performance, principles of flight and navigation. We can supply the correct books  to study for the exams.

A minimum of 25 hours hours flying, training you to safely handle the aircraft and navigate your way around the countryside. 

Restricted NPPL(M)

A minimum of 15 hours of flight training, again, training you to safely handle the aircraft, however restricted to an 8 Nautical Miles radius from your takeoff site,and not permitted to carry a passenger.

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