In Brief

The cost per flight hour, training in our ultra modern factory built Ikarus C42 is £145. We do not charge for the pre flight briefing, the aircraft walk around, or the debrief.

If you like me, and my aircraft, after a couple of hours,you could pay for 10 hours up front, to receive a £100 discount, which brings it to £135 per flying hour. If you do this, then all further training is charged at £135 per flight hour( when bought in a min of 5 hour blocks). Please look at the courses page, to see how long it realistically takes to qualify, to give yourself a rough idea as to what it will cost. Please add around £200 for books/materials/chart/knee board. The 5 ground exams are £35 each. Landing fees at our home base are included in the hourly charge, but when we visit other airfields as part of your training, expect to pay between £5 to £10 landing fee.(£30 at Newquay international)

Aircraft hire; This works really well for ad hoc flying for current/qualified pilots. You turn up, pre flight the aircraft, fly, return, then disappear. The aircraft will be waiting for you clean, fueled and ready to go. I even put it away after you. This option costs £105 per  flight hr, and £25 per month. You would need to be 28 day current. If not, i may need to check you out as required