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In Brief

The cost per flight hour, training in our modern factory built Ikarus C42, is £150. This includes the pre flight briefing, the pre flight walk around, and the debrief. You can pay as you go, or pay up front for 5 or 10 hours if thats more convenient for you. All payments are valid for twelve months, but may be subject to a fuel surcharge, or indeed a discount, as in these very uncertain times, i cannot guarantee the cost of fuel from one month to the next. The current price per hour was set in september 2021, when super unleaded 5% ethanol fuel was £1.75 per litre. The highest its been since then was £2.12, but i didn't raise my hourly rate and absorbed this cost so as not to put it over the £150 mark. As for how long it takes to learn to fly, In reality, it is approximately 1 hour of flight training for each year you have been on the planet. I.E. if you are 45 years old, it will take around 45 hours. Please add around £200 for books/materials/chart/knee board. The 5 ground exams are £35 each. Landing fees at our home base are included in the hourly charge, but when we visit other airfields as part of your training, expect to pay between £5 to £10 landing fee.(£30 at Newquay international)

Trial lessons;(Exercise 1) Charged at £150 for an hour, or £85 for half an hour. This time can be logged towards your license if you decide to go ahead and learn after the flight.

Aircraft hire; This works really well for ad hoc flying for current/qualified pilots. You turn up, pre flight the aircraft, fly, return, then disappear. The aircraft will be waiting for you clean, fueled and ready to go. I even put it away after you. This option costs £90 per  flight hr, and £25 per month. You would need to be 28 day current. If not, i may need to check you out as required



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